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Feeling the beauty of Japanese four seasons in Yamagata!

About The main house of the Honmas and its annex

♦The house of wealthy merchant with a formality of Hatamoto.
Mitsuoka Honma, who administered for Sakata's development built the house as a government official's inn. Untill 1945 the house was used as a main house of the Honmas.
The house of the samurai class united with merchant house style is very rate among the whole county. The annex "omise" can be seen and guidance is available.

Details The main house of the Honmas and its annex

Address:12-13 Niban town, Sakata city, Yamagata
Opening hour:9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (close at 4 p.m. between November and February)
Closed:7 times in a year for display change
Entrance fee:700 yen, 1% discount for a group of 20, elementary school students 200 yen, junior and high school students 300 yen
Parking:(free) 50 cars

Access to The old main building and annex of Honmas

Access:5 minutes from Yamagata highway Sakata IC via R7, turn left Todai town intersection.

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About Yamagata info. About Yamagata info.

Yamagata info is the web site to introduce Yamagata Prefecture of Japan, mainly about the tourist attractions and hot springs which may help those who are planning on a trip to Yamagata.

The place where beautiful Japanese nature and unique culture still remain.

Sightseeing in Yamagata Sightseeing in Yamagata

Spring:Cherry blossoms are at their best from April.
Summer:Hot. Visiting hamlet is recommended.
Fall:Beauty of the leaves when turned in autum. Imoni festivals everywhere!
Winter:Freezing cold with snow, and the trees will be coverd with them and ice.
Snow:Cold, but not as delicous as shaved ice.

So many things to see and experience throughout the year!

Gotta eat them! Gotta eat them!

Cherries:70% of cherries in Japan are produced in Yamagata Prefecture.
La France pears:The queen of the fruits is also Yamagata's best production.
Yonezawa Beef:As known as "Matsuzaka" of the west, and "Yonezawa" of the east.
Imoni:One of the local dishes of Yamagata which beef soup and taro roots are boiled and seasoned together.
Soba:Buckwheat noodles.
Cold ramen:Yamagata is the birthplace for cold ramen; the chinese noodle.

Yamagata food = delicacy of Japan

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